Final Game: Draconem College

Team Members: Claudio Silva, Andrew Bacon, Kyle Powers, Kai Tang, Alex Loeung DMD 3560/5560
| Professor: Ken Bowen
Ā Length: 7 Weeks

Draconem College

Draconem College Onepage (PDF)

Github Repository

Take control of Draconem College, a small an institution of higher magic that turns apprentices into wizards. As the new President of the college, you will need to grow and improve the school while balancing the demands of faculty, students, parents, and alumni.

  • Expand your campus by building Libraries, Dormitories, Classrooms, Labs, Libraries and more.
  • Hire Professors to improve academics, and develop more powerful wizarding students.
  • Fund researchers that unlock the mysteries of magic to improve your prestige.
  • Start a Direball or Dragon Joust Team to increase fundraising and build community.
  • Make important decisions regarding opportunities and crises that will impact the future of Draconem College
  • … and most of all, keep your school prosperous and growing!

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2d isometric view on a square grid. Aesthetic is cartoony and kooky, with bright saturated colors. View apprentices, instructors, and others stream into and out of buildings, and watch your college grow over time.

Gameplay Loop

  1. Receive Funds from tuition, fees, and grants from the Elder Council.
  2. Invest those funds in new Faculty, Buildings, or Projects.
  3. Adjust tuition and scholarship rates against costs.
  4. See how your decisions effect enrollment, prestige, and academics.



Process Documents

Game Wiki

Game Logic (spreadsheet)



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